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Single Tooth Implant in
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Single Teeth

Single Tooth Implant

Implants have become first choice for many people. Appearance in the front of the mouth is very important and it is essential to produce a tooth that looks natural and at the same time to create gum contours that are very similar to those of adjacent teeth.

Single Teeth
Young lady with a missing tooth following an incident.
Single Teeth
The smile temporary restored with a stick on fixed bridge.
Single Teeth
The tooth perfectly restored with implant supported crown.
Single Teeth
The end result - A young lady with a beautiful smile.

A Dental Implant is a better solution to the following:

Removable Partial Denture:

Main disadvantage is that it is removable and may come away unexpectedly. It can cause further gum disease or tooth decay if not maintained correctly.

Stick on bridges:

These are secured by bonding to the adjacent teeth on either side and are effective at replacing a missing tooth. They can fall off and often don’t last indefinitely especially when there is a strong bite. We use them as temporary bridges during your treatment.

Conventional Bridges:

A reasonably predictable procedure. This often requires the cutting down of healthy teeth on either side of a gap in order to support the bridge. For many people this is a major disadvantage because it involves destroying healthy tooth tissue.

Why a Dental Implant?


An implant replaces a missing tooth and is an independent restoration. It has the advantage that it stimulates bone to stay and get stronger. This is something that will not happen with any other option, thus providing the patient with a natural feeling fully functional mouth.

2 Implants Together - A challenge

Single Teeth
CT Scan
Single Teeth
Ceramic Teeth
Single Teeth
After Treatment

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