Ashok Sethi

Our Premises

Welcome to 33 Harley Street

Harley Street has been home to the medical profession for well over a hundred years, renowned Physicians and Surgeons have lived and practice here. Reviving that tradition we have decided to make number 33 our workplace and family home.

Patient Care at 33

In the heart of the medical world, traditionally associated with the finest care, we have equipped our rooms with state of the art technology. We are surrounded by every facility that modern medicine can offer. It is this air of excellence that we care for those who seek and need the treatment that we offer.

Our aim is to restore or replace teeth as required, be it a single missing tooth, some or all of the teeth and their supporting structures.

The aim is to recreate:

Our goal thus, is to restore smiles, confidence and lives.

Education at 33

Our experience and knowledge, gained over the years, are shared with fellow professionals and their team members from all over the world.

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