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Implant Faq

Implant Faq

What Does it cost? Or What do you get for your money?


There is a charge for a consultation because we believe that your treatment needs need to be assessed carefully before deciding what your needs are and what treatment will cost.

This will include:

A one-hour appointment during which we will assess

  • Your teeth
  • Your gums
  • Your muscles of facial expression and mastication
  • Your jaw joints
  • Your soft tissues biotype
  • Your bone biotype
  • The way you smile
  • Your mouth in function
  • Your face, its form and profile
  • Your health is carefully assessed in conjunction with your specialist if need be to ensure your well-being through the treatment and the avoidance of any compromises with your health

We will look carefully and assess how you would respond to treatment. We would take photographs to help us decide on the best treatment for you. We will also take some x-rays for which you would be charged. Treatment plan

You will then get sent a written report, which will include the present state of your mouth, the treatment options that are suitable for you, details of the various procedures proposed as well as the risks and benefits and the likely costs. Second consultation

Follow-up appointment to discuss the one or more proposals that may have been put to you. This will help you make a decision about the most suitable treatment for you. It is an opportunity to answer any questions that you have and describe further details of the procedure if should you wish to go ahead. What does an implant cost?

It is irresponsible and misleading to give a figure without understanding your clinical situation, the clinical procedures that you require and your needs, hopes and expectations. But what do you get for £4000 in 2023?

The second consultation, which you are not charged for. All the component parts - implant, abutments etc that you have within your treatment plan. Please note the use of the highest quality component parts made to high precision by a high tech German implant manufacturer.

All the x-rays taken on the premises that are required during the course of treatment, once treatment has been accepted, to the completion of treatment.

In house Intravenous sedation when suitable and all the drugs and disposables to make your treatment safe pain-free and as enjoyable as possible.

Medical monitoring throughout the procedure. All the disposables including the gowns and drapes for infection-control and full aseptic technique(theatre style)

The transitional restoration. This is a temporary tooth, which is used to mould your gum and to shape it like that around a normal healthy tooth. It also restores your smile.

The final crown. Made from porcelain fused to metal (or all ceramic) to be constructed by Peter Sochor, a master dental technician of extraordinary abilities, who has worked with us since 1985.

This takes place within the facilities and with the support of a highly skilled and qualified team that you see described.

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