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Our Success Rates are extremely high.

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Written Testimonials

"I very much wanted to write and thank you for all the marvellous work you did for me. The implants are fabulous, I couldn’t be more pleased with the result."

"A short note to thank you and your staff for the very skilful and understanding way you have given me a new means of mastication. It has made an enormous difference to my well-being. My friends even tell me that I look ten years younger!!"

"Now that I have completed my implant treatment I must say that I feel like a new person! The whole procedure was not the ordeal I would have imagined and at no time did I feel any pain or discomfort. Having always been told that I was an unsuitable candidate for implants, as I did not have the required bone density, I was delighted that you were able to disprove this theory. After all the misery of coping with dentures and uncomfortable plates it feels wonderful to be released from them. Jut being able to bite into an apple is sheer bliss! I certainly would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to anyone contemplating taking this path in the future. Thank you and your staff for all you have done for me and for all your kindness."

"I’d like to express my appreciation and thanks to you and your staff for the kind and caring attention you gave to me over the last year when I attended your surgery. The implants are a huge success and feel like my own teeth in ever respect. They look good and I am now able to eat properly thanks to your professional skills."