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Larger Gaps

When more than one tooth is missing, implants may be used in the same way as when a single tooth is replaced. There can be many variations and on occasion there may be teeth in the middle of gaps. In general it is better for teeth to be kept separate from implants, this is because implants are rigidly attached to the bone, natural teeth are suspended in the bone by ligaments and move a small amount when pressure is applied.

multiple implantsPatient with diseased and failing teeth.
 abutmentTemporary stick-on bridge (Rochette to keep the patient functional with fixed teeth during treatment).
temporary crownFinal result - Beautiful functioning implant supported teeth.

Multiple failing teeth

Sometimes it is not possible to replace the teeth on the same day that they are taken out. In these cases a temporary bridge can be made to keep the patient functional and any changes desired can be tested with a temporary bridge. Once the gum and bone has healed, implants can be placed in the ideal position. The final bridge is then constructed a few months later when the gums have settled and the bone has strengthened.

before dental implantsA young woman with crooked failing teeth.
close up of crownsA mock-up to show matters could be improved.
end resultA perfect result with the implant supported teeth in the ideal position.
end resultA delighted patient.

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