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Economic Solutions

Everybody deserves to have teeth. You do not need an implant for each tooth. It is possible to provide fixed bridges with as little as 4 implants.

Quattro Bridge

This remarkable revolutionary concept relies on the most secure connection to secure the bridge this is the conical connection for instance if you stick two glasses together you cannot separate them easily.

This is also known as Morse Taper. It is used in the engineering for racing cars and aeroplanes. This is the most secure method to connect two components that you may wish to separate at a later stage.

What this means is that you don't need any cement or any screws to connect the teeth to the implants

Cone- The conical connection the most secure way of connecting the bridge to the implant. This technique requires the ultimate precision. Therefore only the most sk illed surgeon can effectively construct this. The cost reduction results in the use of 4 implants (perhaps 6 in the upper jaw) and the construction of the Quattro Bridge from a non precious metal and acrylic. Of course it can also be made from porcelain.

Case One

end resultPlanning on the CT scan – six implants are planned for the upper jaw.
end resultThe Quattro Bridge constructed from talk chrome cobalt alloy and acrylic. The gold copings can be seen.
end resultThe healed abutments in the mouth.
end resultThe smile says it all.

Case Two

quattro systemX-ray of the patient showing disease teeth
quattro systemInteractive Planning on the CT scan (Simplant) – 4 implants are planned for the lower jaw, The abutments (conical posts) have been selected
end resultHealed conical posts
end resultThe final bridge - fixed

Why Choose the Quattro System.

  • Cost Effective
  • It Happens all in One Day
  • Four to six carrying twelve teeth.
  • No Discomfort
  • No Cement, No Screws. Just Magic

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