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Single Tooth

Bone grafts from the mouth

If a small amount of bone is required, the bone is usually taken from another part of the mouth. This can easily be carried out in the surgery. This is either the back of the mouth (wisdom tooth area) or the chin. The donor site is selected depending on the shape of the bone needed and the amount available.

Bone grafts take in the region of 2-4 months to heal. Following the healing period, implants can then be placed into the grafted site in the normal way.

Schematic drawing showing a bone graft. (From textbook –Practical Implant Dentistry –(Quintessence Publishing)
before dental implantsClose up of a badly positioned failing tooth. The loss of tissue is clear. An obvious indication that additional bone is required.
close up of crownsA bright broad smile, unfortunately displays an unsightly tooth.
end resultA perfect smile at the end of treatment.
end resultA close up of the end result.
end result15 years on, a stable tooth supported by a healthy implant.
end result15 years later, a great smile.

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