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Compromised Mouths

There are some situations where almost the entire jaw bone has disappeared and the gum that used to cover the bone has also shrunk.

This gives the appearance that the entire face has fallen in. In such cases, patients can run the risk of breaking the jaw which is very thin and fragile.

The treatment therefore requires the jaws to be built up with bone grafts before implants are placed. The treatment becomes essential to allow the patient to continue to function.

Creating Lives

jaw destroyed from denture wearA young woman looking old-collapsed face due to tooth and bone loss.
jaw destroyed from denture wearFixed teeth supported by implants in grafted bone.
jaw destroyed from denture wear2 years later, the gum looking even better, a sign of harmony.

jaw destroyed from denture wearSmile, confidence and life restored.

jaw destroyed from denture wearCT scan - Three-dimensional view of a jaw destroyed by denture wear.
bone reconstructionThe same jaw reconstructed with a bone graft obtained from the iliac crest (hip).

before bone reconstructionYou can see the obvious wear on the lower jaw bone in this facial side profile from dentures (the upper jaw has already received s a bone graft).
face profile after bone reconstructionAfter Treatment you can see the restored face profile.

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