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All teeth missing - Full mouth reconstruction

When all the teeth are missing and there is enough bone.

Lower Jaw

In the lower jaw, between four and eight implants are normally sufficient to enable fixed teeth to be constructed. This is because the quality of bone in the lower jaw is better. If we are considering stabilising a denture, two implants are sufficient.


Bridgework constructed on implants is kept in place using cement. Soft cement is always used so that the bridge can be removed at any time in order to check that the implants are sound and to make any adjustments. These bridges fit accurately and have a very natural appearance. Further security can be provided by small lateral screws that fit through the inside of the bridge into posts.

multiple implantsThe abutments ready to support the bridge.
 abutmentThe final bridge constructed by master dental technician Mr Peter Sochor.
After treatment

final crown15 years later - Perfect health.
final crown15 years later - you can see a beautiful gum line and still fully functioning teeth.
final crown 15 years later - A beautiful and stable result with fully functioning teeth.

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